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This article was originally created inside the Klingon language section of Wikipedia.

wIqIpe'DIya (DIvI' Hol: Wikipedia; "nom" mughlu'bogh wikiwiki Hawai Hol mu'vo' 'ej "Sovpaq" mughlu'bogh encyclopedia DIvI' Hol mu'vo') ghItlh 'oH ghItlhvam'e' DalaDbogh. "qawHaq tlhab" wIqIpe'DIya ponglu', 'InternetDaq Daq 'oHmo', 'oHDaq ghItlhmey ghItlhlaH Hoch 'ej choHlaH. vaj De' Hal'a' chenmoHlu'.

jaj wa'maHDIch, jar wa'DIch, DIS 2001; wIqIpe'DIya chenmoHta' vay' 'ej nenchoHtaH. DIvI' HolvaD neH jInmolvam taghlu'pu', 'ach tugh latlh Holmey cherchoHlu'pu'. DIvI' Hol wIqIpe'DIya tIn law' Hoch tIn puS, 1.000.000 ghItlhmey ghajtaHmo'. DIS 2004; naDev tlhIngan Hol wIqIpe'DIya'e' chenmoHlu'ta'. DIS 2005, tlhIngan Hol wIqIpe'DIya mevlu', Saghbe'law' Holqoq ghajbogh wanI'.


  • tlhIngan Hol wIqIpe'DIya Quv (ngaQmoHlu')

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