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   SKI: This article is about the Klingon language.   

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This article was originally created inside the Klingon language section of Wikipedia.

Hol'e' 'oghlu'ta'bogh Marc Okrand 'oH tlhIngan Hol'e'.

Paramount PicturesvaD chenmoHta'. cha'SanID vaghvatlh mu'mey, mI' nIv ghap ghaj tlhIngan Hol. novlaw'meH tlhIngan Hol, tera' Holmey motlhbe' rur 'e' qaSmoH. mu'tlheghDaq "DoS, wot, vangwI'" lo'. teHbe'bogh Hov leng 'u'Daq, tlhIngan Hol lujatlh tlhInganpu' 'ej tlhIngan pIqaD lulo', 'ach motlh DIvI' pIqaD ghItlhlu' je. tera'Daq tlhIngan Hol che' 'ej naD tlhIngan Hol yejHaD (KLI).

jajvam qepmeyDaq Hov leng tlhIngan Hol lujatlh 'op ngotlhwI'pu'. wej paqmey mughlu'ta': Hamlet, ghIlghameS paghmo' tIn mIS je.

vagh mojaq Seghmey ghajlaH tlhIngan Hol DIpmey 'ej (lengwI' Hutlhbogh) Hut Seghmey ghajlaH wotmey. mIw vangwI' DoS je 'aghmeH vo' moHaqmey lo'lu'.

tlhIngan Hol lo' wikiavam.

Hur De'Edit

mu'ghom: tlhIngan Hol – mu' QIjwI', mu' Sung, rurbogh mu'mey je

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