sushimey Sar.

nIpon Soj 'oH sushi'e' (tlhIngan Hol: wIb 'ej pey rur). tIr chIS'e' ngaSbogh sushi vutlu'meH, roghpu'bogh HIq lo'lu'. ghotI'mey, bIQ'a' ghewmey joq luchellu' je. ghotI' tlhol ngaS sushi motlh, 'ach rut latlh Hapmey lutujmoHlu', qoj luHaHlu'.

sushimey Sar lutu'lu'. sushi tetlh vutlu'meH (nIpon Hol: makizushi), bIQ'a' porDaq qatlu'. ghop sushi vutlu'meH (nIpon Hol: nigirizushi), ghopDaq tIr tlhoQ chenmoHlu' 'ej yuvtlhe' lanlu'.

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