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HolQeD'e' wanI' potlh 'oHbej rom'e'. tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'taHvIS potlh rom, 'ach 'op latlh Holmey lujatlhlu'taHvIS potlhqu'be'.

rom lo'bogh tlhIngan HolEdit

motlh DIpvaD tammey 'oSmeH moHaqmey lo' tlhIngan wotmey. vaj Hoch Dochmey luDelnISbe'lu':

qalegh (qa.legh)
SoH (DoS)-jIH (vangwI').legh

vaj SoH legh jIH jatlhnISbe'lu'.

'ach SaH DoS vangwI' je, SaHnIStaH moHaq:

puq lulegh yaSpu'

mu'tlheghvamDaq DoS vangwI' je rom ghaj wot.

rom lo'bogh DIvI' HolEdit

DIvI' Hol jatlhlu'taHvIS, vangwI' rom neH lo'nISlu':

John sees the dog
Ha'DIbaH legh loD

mu'tlheghvamDaq loD 'oS mojaq -s, 'ach Ha'DIbaH 'oSmeH mojaq tu'lu'be'.

latlh HolmeyEdit

rom Qatlh lo' 'ubIH Hol; vangwI', DoS, DoS cha'DIch, Daq, -vaD lo'wI' DIp je rom ghaj wotmeyDaj.

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