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   SKI: This article is about Kahless, a famous klingon character from Star Trek.   

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This article was originally created inside the Klingon language section of Wikipedia.

tlhIngan noy ghaHlaw' qeylIS'e'. qeylIS'e' lIjlaHbe'bogh vay' lupong 'op tlhInganpu'; qeylIS'e' reH qawlu'bogh lupong latlh.

tlhIngan wo' voDleH wa'DIch ghaH 'e' Har tlhInganpu'. betleH wa'DIch chenmoHlaw' je qeylIS: Qo'noSDaq vaHbo' lIngbogh HuD'e' tu'lu', QIStaq HuD; HuDvetlh vaHbo'Daq jIbDaj 'op lan qeylIS, 'ej betleH chenmoHmeH jIbvetlh'e' So'bogh vaHbo' lo'.

SuvwI''a' ghaHlaw' qeylIS. nughDaj qum HI' mIgh - molor 'oH pongDaj'e' - 'ach nughDaj tlhabmoH qeylIS. 'ach lutaHvIS molor, qeylIS DuQmeH molor taj lo' ghaH. tajDaq QaDchoH qeylIS 'Iw; qaSDI' DISmey law', latlh qeylISHey chenmoHmeH 'Iw lo' boretlh lalDan DevwI'.

tajDaq 'Iw tu'lu'pu'bogh 'oHbe' qeylIS 'Iw 'e' luHar 'op qun HaDwI'. 'ach qeylIS 'Iwna' 'oH 'e' Har HochHom qun HaDwI', 'ej roD latlh qun HaDwI'vetlh buSHa'.

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