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   SKI: This article is about the human body.   

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This article was originally created inside the Klingon language section of Wikipedia.

pIm tlhIngan porgh Human porgh je. rap porgh 'ay'mey law', 'ach pIm 'op Dochmey.

tlhIngan porghEdit

Hov leng ghe'naQghomDaq law' 'op porgh 'ay'mey ghajbogh tlhInganpu'; bIraqlul 'oH wanI'vetlh pong'e'. wa' chej neH ghaj Human, cha' chejDu' ghaj tlhIngan.

porgh DungDaq nach tu'lu'. nach potlhqu' law' Hoch potlhqu' puS; tlhIngan nach teqlu'chugh, Heghbejqu' tlhIngan QoghIj ngaSmo' nach.

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