800px-Flag of Japan
Imperial Seal of Japan
(joqwI') (Degh)
Hol nIpon Hol
mon Tokyo
Qang 安倍晋三 (Abe Shinzō)
area 377,873 km²
nganpu' 128,085,000
puHghom 337 ngan ngaS wa' km²
Huch Yen (¥)
taghmeH DIS 660 BC
van bom 君が代 (kimi ga yo)
poH mI' GMT + 9
Internet-TLD .jp
ghogh HablI' mI' +81
nIpon pu'jIn

tera'Daq Asia puH'a'Daq nIpon Sep (nIpon Hol: Nippon (Nihon)) tu'lu'.


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