Albert EinsteinEdit

Albert Einstein

DIS 1947 Albert Einstein

  • <<Qub potlh law' Sov potlh puS.>>
  • <<raS, quS, naH Duq, violin je. latlh nuq QuchnIS loD?>>
  • <<HochHom Human ta'mey meq oH' vIp ghap QIp'e'.>>
  • <<chavDaq oH'taH chav potlh'e'.>>
  • <<jIQuppu'DI', paSlogh ghor yaD'a' 'e' vIghoj. vaj paSlogh vItuQ 'e' vImev.>>

George W. BushEdit

George W. Bush

DIS 2003 qach chIS nagh beQ

  • <<jIjwI' jIH, wavwI'be'.>>

Hur De'Edit


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