yuQ bavbogh Hap tlhoQ 'oH maS'e'. maS mach law' yuQDaj mach puS. maSmey law' ghaj 'op yuQmey, wa' maS neH lughaj 'op yuQmey. maS luHutlhbogh yuQmey lutu'lu' je.

maS ghajlaH yuQHom je. wej maSmey ghaj Sol Hovtay' Pluto yuQHom.

Sol Hovtay' yuQmey maSchaj jeEdit

  1. Mercury (pagh maS)
  2. Venus (pagh maS)
  3. tera' (wa' maS)
  4. Mars (cha' maSmey)
  5. Jupiter (javmaH wej maSmey)
  6. Saturn (javmaH cha' maSmey)
  7. Uranus (cha'maH Soch maSmey)
  8. Neptune (wa'maH wej maSmey)

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