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HolQeD HaDlu'taHvIS, DIpmey toghmeH mIw 'oH mI''e'.

toghmeH mI'Edit

QoQ wab pongmeyvo' mI'mey lutlhaplu'. bIH lulo'lu'pa', wej mI' neH lutu'lu'.

DaHjaj mI'meyvetlh wIlo', Dochmey toghmeH:

0 - pagh
1 - wa'
2 - cha'
3 - wej
4 - loS
5 - vagh
6 - jav
7 - Soch
8 - chorgh
9 - Hut

mI' pabEdit

mI' mojaqmey mI' moHaqmey joq lo' 'op Holmey, 'ach mI' lulo'be'qu' latlh 'op Hol.

wej mI' mojaqmey ghaj tlhIngan Hol: DIp mojaq Segh cha'DIch. mobchugh Doch, mojaq lo'be'nISlu'; law'chugh Dochmey, mojaq lo'lu', 'ach tlhIngan Hol lo'lu'taHvIS, lo'nISbe'lu'.

  • Hol lulo'laHchu'bogh Dep yoq ghap Del mojaq -pu'.
  • porgh 'ay'mey Del mojaq -Du'.
  • Hoch latlh Dochmey Del mojaq -mey.

law'taHvIS, mojaqmey lo'be' 'op DIpmey'e'. law'chugh Dochmeyvam, choHchu' mu':

tlhIngan Hol pab taQ yIbej.

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