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paqvo' tavam qech. parmaq Iw'tlhutlhwI'nganloD je puqbe' 'e' 'agh tavam.


ForksDaq jaH Bella Swan. 'ampaSDaq Edward Cullen qIH Bella. jawchuq chaH. jawchuq rInDI' 'IH Edward 'e' Qub Bella. bong 'IH Bella 'e' Qub Edward vaj nitebHa' jaH cha'. reH Qanbe' Bella vaj ghaH toD Edward 'e' qaSqa'.



  • Bella Swan jech Kristen Stewart -- 17 DIS nenghep puqbe'. nayHa'pu' SoSDaj 'e'mo' ForksDaq jaH.
  • Edward Cullen jech Rob Pattinson -- Iw'tlhutlhwi'ngan. 100+ DIS nenghep.


  • Jacob Black jech Taylor Lautner -- 15 DIS nenghep puqloD. InDI'antuqngan. veqlargh chenlaH ghaH.

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