jungwoqDaq bov 'oH Song bov'e' (jungwoq Hol: 宋朝, sòng cháo). DIS 960 'oH bI'reSDaj'e' 'ej DIS 1279 rInpu'.

qun Edit

potlhqu' bovvam. bovvam qaStaHvIS, ngat je compass 'oghpu'. cha' boqHa''egh Song bov: Song 'ev (jungwoq Hol : 北宋 ; pinyin : běi sòng 960-1127) je Song tIng (jungwoq Hol : 南宋 ; pinyin : nán sòng, 1127-1279). Bianjing Song 'ev mon 'ej Lin'an Song tIng mon. Song 'ev wo' law' Song tIng wo' puS.

Song ta'pu' Edit

Song Taizu

Song Taizong

Song Zhenzong

Song Renzong

Song Yingzong

Song Shenzong

Song Zhezong

Song Huizong

Song Qinzong

Song Gaozong

Song Xiaozong

Song Guangzong

Song Ningzong

Song Lizong

Song Duzong

Song Gong

Song Duanzong

Song Bing

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