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Hol 'oH Sanskrit'e' (devanagari pIqaD : संस्कृतम् ). baratDaq jatlhlu', barat paq law' Hol 'oH Holvam'e'. pIj, "Qun Hol" ponglu'.

qun Edit

Indo-european Hol 'oH, lulo'pu' Indo-Aryan chuD. "Vedic Sankrit" 'oH Sanskrit ngo''e', VedaDaq (barat lalDan paqmey potlh) lo'lu' 'oH. ghIq barat paqmey ghItlhmeH, Holvam lo'lu'. Sanskrit pab DelDI' Pāṇini pabwI' (AṣṭādhyāyīDajDaq, -500 DIS), choH 'e' mev Sanskrit. -300 DIS nargh Sanskrit Prakrit: Holmeyvetlh mung Sanskrit Hol 'oH. 'ach reH paqmeyvaD, QubwI'vaD, ghItlhwI'vaD lI'pu'. Sanskrit HaDta'mo' baratngan pabwI' law', tera' HolQeDvaD, potlh Sanskrit lurDech HolQeD.

DaHjaj, baratDaq EuropeDaq 'amerIqa'Daq je Sanskrit HaDlu'.

   SKI: This article is about the Sanskrit language.   

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