SKI: This article is about the persian language.   

IranDaq , AfghanistanDaq, TajikistanDaq je Persia Hol jatlhlu'. (Persia Hol : پارسی pârsî). DaHjaj, tera'Daq, Persia Hol jatlh wa'vatlh 'uy' Humanpu'.

QIch wabmey Edit

ghItlhmeH, Arab pat ghItlhmeH ("Arab pIqaD") lo' Persia Hol. pImmo' Arab Hol Persia Hol je, Hochlogh Persia Hol pIqaD wab rap 'oSbe'. tlhIngan Hol wabmeyvaD rap 'op Persia Hol wabmey: ﺝ j je, ﺥ H je, ﻕ q je, ﻍ gh je...

pIqaD wab (IPA) pong
/ɒː/ âlef
/b/ be
پ /p/ pe
/t/ te
/s/ se
/ʤ/ jîm
چ /ʧ/ ce
/h/ je jîmî
/x/ xe~khe
/d/ dâl
/z/ zâl
/r~ɾ/ re
/z/ ze
ژ /ʒ/ že
/s/ sîn
/ʃ/ šin
/s/ sâd
/z/ zâd
/ʔ/ 'eyn
/ gheyn
/f/ fe
/q~ɢ/ qâf
ک /k/ kâf
گ /g/ gâf
/l/ lâm
/m/ mîm
/n/ nûn
و /v~w~u/ vâv
/h/ he
/j~iː/ ye

pab Edit

mojaq law' ghaj Persia Hol, poH law'ghach je chIw mojaqmeyvam.

qun Edit

qaStaHvIS Persia qun, choHqu' Persia Hol: nappu'choH 'oH.

mu'tay' Edit

Persia Hol Latin tlhIngan Hol
خاک xâk puH
آسمان âsemân chal
آب âb bIQ

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