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   SKI: This article is about language.   

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This article was originally created inside the Klingon language section of Wikipedia.

Qum mIw 'oH Hol'e'. tera'Daq javSanID Holmey lutu'lu'; cha' Holmey ghaj tlhInganpu' 'e' Har Humanpu'.

Hol HaDtaHghach 'oH HolQeD'e'.

Seghmey law' chenmoHlaH vay'. luchevlu'meH mIwmeyvam lo'laH vay':

Hol chovnatlhmey:


Hol'e' vay' qaSmoHDI' vangwI', latlh vay' moH qoj choHmoH. latlh vay' 'oH mu'tlhegh DoS. tlhIngan Hol mu'tlheghDaq wot nung DoS, 'ach DIp DelmeH wot tlhejchugh DoS, wot DoS je jojDaq DIp DelmeH wot tu'lu'.

puq legh yaS: DoS ghaH puq'e'.

mu'tlheghDaq latlh mu' Daqmey bIH:

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