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HolQeDDaq Doch, nuv pong joq chenbogh mu' 'oH DIp'e'.

DIpmey'e' bIHlaH "'oH" "jIH" ghap rurbogh mu'mey je. Dochvammey luHotnISbe'lu', qechmey wanI'mey je lutu'lu'. mu'tlheghDaq DoS, vangwI' De' latlh mu' ghap gheSlaH DIp.

pub luDelbogh mojaqmey HevlaH tlhIngan HolDaq Holmey latlhDaq je DIp. DoyIchlan HolDaq Luxembourgish HolDaq je neH wa' Degh'a'mo' DIpmey lutaghlu', vaj vangbe' DIvI' Hol.

tlhIngan Hol mu'mey mu'mey nov je rurmoHlaH vay'; "tera'" (Latin Hol: Terra) "qa'vIn" (DIvI' Hol: coffee) ghap rur, pagh mu'mey nov choHbe'lu'.

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