220px-Britney Spears

DIS 2003 Washington vengDaq bom

Baby One More Time

DIS 1999 bomtaHvIS

Human be' ghaH Britney Spears'e'. DIS 1981, jar 12, jaj 2; USA-Daq qaS qoSDaj. bomwI' mI'wI' je ghaH.

Jason Allen Alexander ghaHpu' loDnalDaj wa'DIch'e'.
Kevin Federline ghaHpu' loDnalDaj cha'DIch'e', 'ach luwavlu'. cha' puqpu' ghaj ghaH.

DaH maw'law'.


1998 bangwI', wa'logh HIqIpqa'[1]. "...Baby (hit me) One More Time"
1999 chomaw'choHmoH "(You Drive Me) Crazy"
1999 qaQuchmoHmeH jIboghpu'. "Born to Make You Happy"
2000 Do'Ha'... vIta'qa'. "Oops!...I Did It Again"
2000 Do' "Lucky"
2003 QoQ vIqaD. "Me Against the Music"
2004 SuQ "Toxic"
2004 Hochlogh "Everytime"
2004 DIbwIj "My Prerogative"
2007 latlh HInob! "Gimme More"
2008 jIH 'ay' "Piece of Me"


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