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logh Hoch, poH Hoch je 'oH 'u''e'. vaj Hoch Hap, Hoch HoS, Hoch wanI'mey je ngaS.

13700 'uy' ben, tlhoy' 'ughbogh 'ej tlhoy' tujbogh Dotlhvo' chen 'u' 'e' lunoH tejpu'. nom Sach 'u'. ghIq bIrchoH 'ej tay'Ha'choH 'u' 'ay'mey. 'op DaqmeyDaq tay'taHmo' Hap 'ej latlh DaqmeyDaq Dachmo' Hap, chen Hap ghommey. Hap ghommey bIH qIb tlhoQmey'e'.

Hur De' Edit

mu'ghom: 'u' – mu' QIjwI', mu' Sung, rurbogh mu'mey je

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